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TLL MEDIA – the Leading INDUSTRIAL Publishing House in Bulgaria

TLL Media is a Publishing House for specialized technical periodical publications in the fields of industrial engineering and technologies, power engineering, ecology and building installations. Found 20 years ago (est. 1997) as an independent Publisher of periodical publications for products, technologies and services in the industry. Since then TLL Media specialized in technical journalism for the industry, energy sector, ecology and building installations, and publishes periodical publications for the professionals and experts in the fields.

TLL Media – Building installations information products portfolio

TD Installations magazine is written on the basis of professionally oriented articles with practical references, for the needs of the professionals in the building investments, design and construction of building installations and equipment, tools and materials for them. The main subjects of TD Installations magazine include the following areas: Electro installations, HVAC, Water and sewage, Lighting, Security, Building automation and communication, Energy efficiency, Tools, Materials. The sections Interview, Events, Market, Standards and Realizations provide information on the technical, market and industry developments in the field of building installations.

TD Installations magazine is published 6 times per year with a circulation of 6000 units, printed on luxury chrome paper. The digital version of the magazine reaches more than 15 000 readers. Distributed through a professional free of charge subscription to the experts in the field of: investments, architecture, building designers, builders, installation experts, dealers; chief municipal architects, design studios; companies – suppliers. Also through a personal paid subscription to all of the interested experts and end clients in the field.

Thanks to the extensive professional experience, the magazine is a desktop reading matter for professionals in the field of installations in large and modern buildings.


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