Bulgaria 1766, Sofia, Мladost 4, Busnes Park Sofia Schop Bill. № 8
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Shtrak-Secret Ltd. is a company with a rich history and experience. During the long years of work we have been maintaining close contact with world leading Bulgarian and Foreign lock and security systems manufacturers. Proof of our professionalism is the great number of satisfied customers.

Shtrak-Secret is a member of:

  • National Associated Locksmiths of Bulgaria (NALOB).
  • European Locksmith Federation (ELF).
  • Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA)

Our specialists and our national network of professional locksmiths that we work with are certified by The Bulgarian National Crafts Chamber.

Our range of services includes:

  • Import, sales and installation of Digital Locks INSYS
  • National Coverage for lock maintenance services.
  • Import, sales and installation of variety of locks and lock cylinders.
  • Code changing for Bank and ATM Combination locks.
  • Duplication of RFID cards and tags, I-button and remote controls.
  • Nondestructive opening of Safes and ATMs.
  • Emergency locksmith and auto locksmith services.


+ 359 2 48 996 29
+ 359 888 807 854