Beninca with a new generation of remote control transmitters from the TO.GO family.

The remote transmitters TO.GO by Beninca are known in the market with its characteristic design, good coverage and high reliability. The new remote models have innovative amendments.

In order to improve the security level of the remote transmitters, Beninca has developed new ARC (advanced rolling code) coding, which represents an evolution of the rolling code.

ARC has an improved rolling code encryption due to the length of the transmitted code (128 bits, for 64 of these transmitters) and guarantees an absolute safety level. The new encoding makes the transmitter TO.GO impossible to clone and makes it a key element of the access control.

New aesthetic design of the remote transmitters from the TO.GO family.

The new TO.GO transmitter has functional and compact buttons. It has modified size of the keys, emphasizing the ergonomics of the new remote unit. The new design will keep its Italian design of the TO.GO line of remotes styled like "piano keys" in black and white. As before, the black version is for remote transmitters with variable code , and the white is for remotes with fixed code.

The Beninca products can be found in Hall 1, booth B1

6. New technology for recognition of veins and fingerprint

The multifunctional biometric terminal for access control and time recording will be demonstrated by the company POLIMEX HOLDING, a traditional participant in the exhibition. The device uses the highest level of identification – identification of veins and fingerprints. Due to the extremely advanced, reliable and high-technology, detection is performed for less than 2 seconds.

The cloud service My Polimex Cloud is another innovative development of the company. The cloud platform will change your concept of security in access control. My Polimex Cloud is a set of hardware and a software solution connected via the Internet, aiming to limit unwanted access by outsiders into the territory of sites of different types. The platform allows for quick and easy access to your system from anywhere in the world via computer, tablet or smart phone, which saves the need to maintain a local PC / server, takes a daily care for archiving the database ,gives the possibility of multiple references, time recording, electronic journal, purchase of products and services with card access, process automation and many others.

Due to the long years of experience, the Bulgarian manufacturer Bird 2 Ltd has developed a new model of high-tech banknote counting machine equipped with all known and further developed specialized detectors to identify the banknotes. BC-3500S has advanced functionality for detection of counterfeit notes and the ability to count the total amount in a bundle of mixed banknotes.

The products of Polimex Holding Ltd can be found in Hall 1, Booth C2

SECURITY EXPO 2017 will be open to visitors from 10 am to 6 pm on 15-17 March, and from 10 am to 4 pm on March 18 (Saturday). Bulgarian Building Week will be held in parallel.