Unmanned Aircraft Systems for radiation intelligence, aerogama scanning, spectrometry and mapping

The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is designed to perform radiation intelligence of the area, search and detection of sources of gamma radiation and mapping.

BAS can be mounted on unmanned aircraft without the use of special equipment. The system does not require, but also does not exclude the management and control by the operator.

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems is composed of a highly sensitive spectrometric detector unit, GPS, GPRS, board computer and software. The data are transmitted via GPRS to a server, from which they are entered in the consumer PC for real-time monitoring as well for post-processing.


  Intelligence, monitoring and evaluation of the radiological situation of the area and of objects using unmanned aircraft, etc. .;

  •   Radiological mapping the radiation level and surface densities of contamination and identification of radionuclides;
  •   Search for lost sources of radiation;
  •   Control of the transportation of radioactive substances and materials;
  •   Ensuring Radiation Safety of mass events;
  •   Detection of radioactive anomalies;
  •   Monitoring the consequences of nuclear accidents in NPPs;
  •   Detection of the presence and consequences of testing or use of nuclear weapons.

ECOPROGRESS will demonstrate UAS during the exhibition Security Expo in Hall 1, Booth D5.