Who hasn’t had the dream of becoming a firefighter

Inspired by the work of Bulgarian firefighting defenders, children from across the country once again participated in an exhibition organized by the General Directorate "Fire Safety and Population Protection". During the exhibition Security Expo every visitor will be able to freely review the works of art created by talented Bulgarians. 

The inspectors from the General Directorate with overt enthusiasm shared more details about the exhibition. Alexander Damyanov and Vladimir Nikolov commented that each year the exhibition is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The drawings, which are exposed in Hall 1 of Inter Expo Center, belong to the winners of the implemented three stages of this artistic competition. It may possibly involve representatives from all over the world, and after the professional selection, the paintings will be approved and prepared for exhibiting at the headquarters of several European institutions in the city of Strasbourg.

Who hasn’t had the dream of becoming a firefighter, we, the Inter Expo Center, wonder? And we have to admit that the exhibition accompanied by real fire engines and the experts, specially trained to deal with them, could inspire every visitor to come again, though briefly, to the memory of his lost childhood dream.

Visit Security Expo - can ignite the spark of the greatest virtue - the ability to help a person in need, in someone's altruistic heart.