Integrated Compact Voice Announcement Panel To Be Presentеd by "Pissat-Engineering"

Creating security in homes or public buildings in nowadays’ reality is unthinkable without the incorporation of the most advanced security technologies. In order to create a secure environment, Pissat-Engineering will take part in the exhibition Security Expo 2018, which will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center.

This year, the company will focus on the new product, produced by the Italian company PROEL - the integrated panel AE300. This is a compact and elegant solution for small and medium-sized buildings where a voice notification system certified to EN54 is required. The product is mounted on the wall and is connected only to the interfaces to the speaker lines, fire and speaker microphones, the connection to the fire alarm system and the mains supply. There is no need for large communication cabinets, installation of the various modules in them, connection between controllers, amplifiers, chargers, batteries, etc.

Among the main advantages of the AE300 is its compactness. This allows saving of  space. Additionally, the product is easy to operate and adjust - all the system settings can be made using the front display and the built-in keyboard. In addition to an affordable price, an extinguished microphone and a desktop microphone for voice messages can be connected to the product.

                         The panel has the following main features:

- Total system power of 300W

- One speaker line tracked by impedance

- Optional A and B configuration

- "Pure Path" ™ class 300 W amplifier for A + B 100V loudspeaker line

- Balanced and isolated input for background music

- Isolated microphone input

- Controlled access for external stations for emergency calls

- Monitored emergency PPT microphone and output signal for active subwoofer

- 16bit 48Khz USD card message player: 8 messages for general purposes, triggered by special inputs and 2 controlled alarm inputs from the fire alarm system

- User interface with LCD display, navigation buttons, direct buttons to activate evacuation messages

- Operates with 4 12V / 7.2 Ah batteries

- Dimensions 440mm x 490mm x 150mm

The products to be presented by Pisat-Engineering during the exhibition Security Expo 2018 can be found in Hall 1, Booth C4.