Guaranteed security - with the high technology of the exhibition Security Expo

The forum will be held from 7 to 10 March at Inter Expo Center - Sofia, Bulgaria

The Age of Technological Wonders. This sentence summarizes the entire dynamic of the 21st century. A reality that is changing every day with the constantly technology. A reality in which expectations for security, safety and fire safety systems are growing.

In response to the high demands for already quarter of a century, the sector for access control, CCTV, fire detection, IT and smart buildings is brought together at the well-recognized Security Expo. This year, from March 7th to March 10th, it will take place for the 25th time at Inter Expo Center - Sofia. Security Expo is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior and is co-organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Inter Expo Center.

Last generation of video surveillance devices

"Video surveillance is not what it was." The participants at Security Expo are uniting around this vision. Among the reasonable arguments for this is the soaring penetration of drones in professional video surveillance. Visitors here demonstrate the capabilities of different types of quadrocopters. Among them are innovative machines equipped with thermal imaging cameras. For the purpose of search and rescue operations, firefighting and large-scale inspection, exhibitors also annually present unmanned aircraft systems designed to search and find sources of gamma radiation and for radioactive study of localities.

The main focus of this year's edition are alarm systems. The viewers' eyes are attracted by VideoFied systems featuring video motion detectors that transmit wirelessly color video to which the product owner has uninterrupted access thanks to a free mobile application.

A rich product range of Beninca intercoms will be presented during Securiti Expo 2018. They are available in three varieties - according to the technology for connection - DECT, GSM and WiFi. There will also be numerous suggestions for voice notification systems. Designed for small and medium-sized buildings, the integrated AE300 panel is also available at the exhibition. It is mounted on the wall, and connects only to interfaces towards speaker lines, fire and conversation microphones,as the connection to the fire alarm system and the mains supply are connected to it. The system allows connecting to extinguished microphones and a desktop microphones for voice messaging. Visitors will also be acquainted with the Laskomex digital intercom systems, through which quality communication and security are realized both in small and large residential buildings and complexes.

Мodern technology has unlimited possibilities. Security Expo collects them together to provide home and business safety in nowadays’ world. 

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